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Default Something New
A shirt you can wear for 100 days without having to wash or iron.

US company "Wool & Prince" says normal button-down shirts wrinkle and smell after a wear or two.
It's new wool shirts, however, require just a gentle wash once every 100 wears.

This is from UK paper " The Daily Mail "
The shirt you can wear for 100 DAYS without washing (or ironing) | Mail Online

The new shirts are made of wool which lasts six times longer than cotton and is naturally anti-wrinkle and odor-fighting.
The company has spent six months developing its trade-marked Cotton-Soft wool fabric for the shirts

The company said it did not expect anyone to wear their shirt 100 days in a row.
But the spokesman added: 'If you want to go for the 100 Day Challenge, we aren't going to stop you.'

I have to say that I wouldn't wear the same shirt even for 30 days in a row but this does seem like a new product worth trying.
The shirts look pretty good in the pictures shown but they could cost $95 ( 63 )

This might be a splendid idea for those going on a long cruise....not quite as many shirts have to be put in your case
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