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Originally Posted by alexandra cruiser View Post
also my first time on mass market line.This seems VERY CHEAP to me.Saw these tags and was discouraged to see what they use for luggage tags,REALLY??
With all the nickel and diming,may go back to so called "luxury lines" next time.(or premium,etc,).Guess you get what you PAY FOR?whew.PS.besides this, was really SHOCKED to hear Princess charges for brewed coffee pak,that sort of did it for me.
Alexandra, most cruise lines now do electronic luggage tags. I'm probably going to order the tag holders off of Amazon, both for Princess and Royal Caribbean.

On a side note, I just went online and saved as a PDF my luggage tags and boarding pass, even though I'm not cruising until June 30th. Princess allows you to print those within 75 days of sailing. Can you tell I can't wait?
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