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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Sooner or later the cruise line loyalty programs are going to have to tighten up on criteria. They can't keep adding levels.

Royal Caribbean does have a way to reward more spending since they give double points if you book a suite category.

I wonder how much pushback a line would get if they said you had to either book a suite and/or spend a minimum of X dollars per cruise in onboard charges to get X points? I think it would backfire big time if they did what some companies do, such as Hilton Honors where you lose member levels if you don't maintain a certain amount of stays per year.
I'd bet on it backfiring also. On our recent cruise we were at the captains cocktail party & I talked to a few couples about it & got the distinct impression that as more traveled passengers we spend less & less on each trip. Not many drinks, no pictures, no ship tours, no DVD's and usually longer trips without booking the more expensive cabins. We're all immune to the ships come-on's for extras & know how to get maximum value for our buck.
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