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Hello Dave,

Esther and I got off the Enchantment last week after B2B 12 night cruises. I have to admit it's one of our best cruises. The staff on the Enchantment from the Captain down are the best! I'll be sailing on the Grandeur on the 24th of this month. My wife and I were talking to another couple about how close we were to Pinnacle and wished there was a cheaper way to get points. My wife suggest that I go with someone else and split the cost of a cruise. The other couples wife said that was a great idea - she then suggest that her husband and I plan a cruise. Well, like I said, I'll be sailing on the Grandeur - but not with Esther. I booked a JS on the fantail of deck 7. It's a 7 night cruise which is worth 14 points each. I booked a quad room because Denny said his son may be interested in going with us. It looks like that isn't going to happy as of now, so I'm racking my brain trying to think of someone that might want to go. I believe it's called a "Gentlemen's Cruise".

After cruising on the Enchantment I'm anxious to see how the Grandeur compares. I heard there are more things added than what was put on the Enchantment, but I'm going to miss the extra 71 foot length that the Enchantment has.

I'm also doing a B2B on Explorer in September - I'll make Pinnacle on the second leg. I'll be doing that cruise with Esther.
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