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I got some "Open End Bookings" while on the Enchantment. The work the same as the "Next Cruise Bookings" except now you can have any one use them. Let's said that I had one with my name on it and you found a good deal and didn't have one to benefit the on board credit you get when you book on board. Well, now I can give you mine and you can put up to three names on it. This can only be done one time. They will be eliminating the friends and family program. There should be information on Royal Caribbean's web site soon.

I see that the Grandeur is sold out for the May 24th sailing. My friend and I never got the third person for our JS. One of my friends would love to go but he has a wedding to go to. It's going to be kind of weird going on a 7 night cruise without Esther.
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