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Well so you know I am at the hospital at the moment, actually since yesterday 8 am with my wife in labor, the poor lady, and is almost 4 am so I can Only say she got more fighting spirit than me

Last Saturday she was talking about the last cruise we took and that she really is gone to miss it this year,actually she is been saying it for a few days now...

I was guessing that a cruise in carnival Victory is a good gift and a most after all of what had happen...
What do you think is that too soon or should I book it right now???
Only problem there is something wrong with their site and it is only offering a few cabins for some reason just 7 of their cabin are available throught thier site.
maybe an online error? or do the travel agencies put a hold on their cabins?
If I call do they use the same site to book it??
Because I am looking for an specific cabin number what do you think??