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Default Is it now safe to say the the classic oceanliners are extinct?
From 2000 to the present, we have witnessed the onslaught of the classic oceanliners. With the SS Oceanic quickly gone, there are so little to choose from as far as preservation goes. I suppose that we can blame the Asbestos insulation for its demise, in the case of the SS Norway. Who was to believe that the installation of the Asbestos would prevent a would be savior from obtaining some of the classic oceanliners of the post WWII. The SS Rotterdam was certainly a learning curve for all of use as the cost of removing the Asbestos caused the initial budget of the ship's renovation to go from 6 Million Euros to over 250 Million Euros.

I sometimes wonder how things might have been for the SS Norway is the asbestos was never onboard the ship to begin with?
Dan Lague
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