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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
I was surprised when I first learned that many Canadians like to shop in the U.S. I always figured if 'we' had it then Canada had it for sale too at some store.
That is a bone of contention in Canada as to why almost everything costs more in Canada than the United States, especially items produced in Canada.

One newspaper did a study of Toyota and Honda, and looked at vehicles produced in the Cambridge (Toyota) and Alliston (Honda) Ontario plants. They went to the closest car dealerships to the Factory to compare prices, and found out you can get the same vehicles in San Diego CA for several thousand dollars less than at a dealership that is only 10 minutes away from the factory. The excuse was that Transport Canada and the US DOT have different rules, then they pointed out in order to meet Transport Canada requirements to import a US vehicle would only require at most $500.00 in upgrades. Go Figure.
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