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You are in Arizona now?

I don't have any reports about Park 'n Ride, but clearly recall driving past their facility more than once recently. I'm sure it will be fine.

Ocho is better now than is was a few years ago, that's for sure. The Tourist Police cracked down and set a 'no hassle' zone outside the pier terminal which at least gives cruisers some breathing room. A friend of mine owns two condos in Ocho and just returned to Philadelphia after spending several weeks in one of his condos. He obviously loves the place. I don't. But he has a standing offer to me to have one of his local friends take me around town the next time I am there and I plan to take him up on the offer.

Grand Cayman...clean, safe (probably the safest place in the Caribbean), but also a bit boring to me. Beautiful beaches and nice people. They've done wonders making a flat piece of arid sand and scrub bushes into a place to live. Do try the tours there though! Great!
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