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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Yes, Mardi Gras, and famous for the first cruise getting stuck on a sandbar or something, and the ship opening all bars for free unlimited drinks until they were freed. And so the legend began.
Butch who was the cruise director on the Dream recommended that I read the book Devils on the Deep Blue Sea.

It explains the history of Carnival. On the maiden voyage of the Mardi Gras, the Harbor Pilot decided to practice his Italian and gave the helmsman the order in Italian for turn (I forget which direction). The helmsman promptly snapped to attention and turned the ship in the opposite direction he had intended- he got left and right confused in Italian. The Captain realized what had happened, and issued a counter order for the correct maneuver, but it was too late and the ship side slipped into the sand bar.

Given that the Harbor Pilot's job is to ensure that stuff like that never happens, that was the end of his career.
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