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Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time on your cruise Spiritfilled. I love escargot as well but I have to agree its better to remove something from the menu if its that difficult to keep it stocked for whatever reason. It is better to exceed the expectation of the customer than to make excuses for not having something available that is listed as an item.
I know that I enjoy the rack of lamb (I may have mentioned this before) Yum, but when I was on the last cruise it was replaced by braised lamb shanks that quickly became my most favorite menu entrée right up there with REAL New England lobstah !
Were you comfortable with the size of ship as compared to your previous cruises ? I think some of the cruise lines are making it easier to find directions around the larger ships. They seem so large that on a 7 day cruise so much is still left to see and enjoy.
To get past those cruise blues you need to book your next one !


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