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Challon....We just did a month of cruising on a series of three B2B cruises changing ships/cruiselines and itineraries in February. In one case We did have to check into a hotel/motel overnight. Each Embarkation required going thru the usual boarding routine of a single cruise. If You are remaining on the same ship the B2B process is much easier...a ships officer will escort you off....take you thru customs quickly and escort you back aboard with new cards.
WE recommend that if an overnight stay is required, locate a hotel/motel that will provide at least a continental breakfast and free shuttle service to the ship in the morning!!!
It is a fun way to experience a wide variety of cruise ships/styles in a very short period and it helps to avoid ports You have visited far too often!!!
We are doing the same next February from the West Coast with a B2B Hawaiian/Mexico Adventure!! We are somewhat addicted to cruising!!!


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