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Sonny gave me permission to repost his e-mail to me. Here it is:

Hi Dave,

At 2:40 am I was awakened with an announcement to head to your muster station and that there was a fire on deck 3 aft. My JS is on deck 7 corner aft, and when I opened my balcony door I got a dose of black smoke smelling like burning plastic. I closed the door and started to look for my sandals, shorts, and T-shirt in the dark because the power was off. With in a minute or two the staff was pounding on our cabin door telling us to evacuate. The announcements continued every 30 seconds over the loudspeakers. We could not go to our original station because it was too far to the aft where the fire was, so they directed us to the Theater. We were sitting down with our life jackets on by 2:50am.

Every 10 minutes the Captain would give us an update on the progress of extinguishing the fire. We all knew the fire had expanded to the 4th floor and that the life boats were in position for passengers to evacuate. The crew was calm and very professional. The passengers were outstanding - no one was making any kind of scene. After about 2 1/2 hours we were told that the fire was extinguished but we had to stay put until they were sure there was no hot spots that might flare up. At 7:00 am we were told we could go back to our cabins except for the aft cabins; those passengers could go to the Windjammer or the Park Cafe.

They just made an announcement that we are going to be flown to Baltimore tomorrow, and that we are going to be refunding the total cost of the cruise fare.

(Note from me: it is common in a fire to secure electricity in areas near the scene so as to not endanger the firefighting teams. Hence Sonny mentioning his cabin had no power. The ship never lost power, they just cut it off in certain areas of the ship)
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