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I was told that the explosion was the liquor storage for the crew. I was standing on the bathroom floor when I heard it, and it felt as if someone hit the floor from the bottom with a sledge hammer. The smell of the smoke seemed to burn by nostrils a little, so I figured it was somewhat toxic. It reminded me of burning plastic. The inside of my cabin didn't have any damage even though I was directly above the fire on deck 7 - cabin 7650.

I can't give enough praise to all the crew members on how well they handled the crises. The passengers were great too. Everyone I saw seemed calm and did everything we were told to do in a very orderly fashion.

I received an email this evening stating everyone would be getting 7 extra points from Crown and Anchor. I though that was a great gesture. I'll be getting 21 points which gives me a total of 690. I'll become a Pineapple on my September 8th sailing on the Explore. Thank you Royal Caribbean!

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