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Unhappy Sonny, think I may have
Originally Posted by Sonny V View Post
How would you file a complaint if it wasn't in writing? I would also recommend that a person have a signed copy for their own record.

"Paid almost $2,000 for 2 for jr.suite for 3 nites.Whew.for THAT I at least expected a usable cabin.RIGHT??"

dropped the ball on the complaint thing.As said above,did speak about problems to all the above but nothing in writing.Did send email listing all the details though.Also,called and told emails are dealt with as they come in(in order,Iguess).But almost 10 days and NADA.
Sad because we do a LOT of cruising,speak to many people a day(DH is a Dr.and I m a nurse) and now will NOT RECOMMEND this line.Not sure what else to do and really hate to devote any more of my time to it.Seem to hit a blank wall.
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