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I'm really sorry you encountered so many problems on your cruise. They should not have happened, especially when health and safety are involved.

I suspect they will get to your email eventually. If you consider how many thousands of passengers sail with them each week, they could, in fact, get thousands of emails a day. Even some folks with a lot less legitimate woes like to write them email. Folks complain about things like their soup being not hot enough one night or the fact that it rained in Cozumel so Royal Caribbean shouldn't ever go there in March. These "dire" incidents are important enough to folks that they write emails. If the complaints are dealt with in order by however many people are assigned to that sort of thing, that's a lot of emails to get through. I doubt they're prioritized in any way, just "read and respond" one by one.

All the problems aside, I suspect you're a better fit with the more upscale cruise lines, even if your cruise had not had the problems it did. Even if you don't recommend this cruise line to all your many contacts, the truth is it won't make a dent in Royal Caribbean's market share. In fact, you may be doing your friends and patients a favor by recommending the more upscale cruise lines to them!

Do let us know when you hear from Royal Caribbean.


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