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We are at sea and it is windy. I'm in the concierge lounge having coffee. A little confusion yesterday as they delivered tour tickets, coupon books, and other stuff to our cabin that were for the people initially booked in it, and our stuff was sent someplace else too. A call to the guest relations desk and people were running around fixing it. They got it all squared away in about an hour and then the F&B Manager sent us a huge tray of snacks and a bottle of champagne. Plus the Hotel Director sent us those hard-to-get VIP show stickers for our cards. Just walk in any show, any time. No reservations needed. Cool.

Great pork chop for dinner last night. No escargot, not on the menu as a standard item, or even tonight at the first formal.

Another change: no sit-down breakfast in the dining room, at least not today. I'll have to get an omelet here in the lounge.
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