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Got back home an hour ago. RCI Luggage Valet service delivered as promised and our luggage was on the carousel by the time we got there. It is free for suite guests so why not use it?

This was our first cruise as D+ members and we were treated like royalty. Very few D+ members on this cruise. I was told by one of the bartenders (he worked the D lounge in the evening) that there were around 35 D+ and about 170 D members aboard. With a full ship of ~6200 passengers that is a bit remarkable. Lots of first timers and people from Europe and Australia.

Both the Diamond and Concierge lounges were never more than half full for cocktail hours. Same for the morning breakfast in the CL. Not sure why more suite guests didn't use the lounge perks.

Booked the Serenade for January 4 out of New Orleans while aboard.

I've got to put my thoughts together for the review. Had the best waiter ever. Vien from India. This guy was on another level compared to the other waiters. He got Wowed!
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