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I'll admit I live a charmed life when it comes to our cruises. Rarely has anything gone wrong, and the Oasis cruise was no exception.

The biggest 'problem' was when the tour tickets and platinum member coupon books were delivered to our suite for the people who were originally booked into it, and our stuff was sent to our original cabin - this all due to the suite upgrade RCI gave me just two days before the cruise so it was understandable and we were not at all angry about it.

We called the desk to tell them we had somebody else's tour tickets and wanted our D+ coupon books and within an hour they had it all straightened out, and really, we were not upset in the least but still they sent us the special 'VIP Show Access' stickers for our cruise cards (these allow you access to all shows with no need for a reservation), a bottle of expensive champagne, a huge tray of pastries and snacks, and a personal visit from the Housekeeping Supervisor to apologize. The next day the Hotel Manager called to check up on things. They definitely went above and beyond on this. I was actually a bit embarrassed by all the fawning.

The Oasis crew was really amazing. Everyone seemed on top of their game at every moment - and happy!
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