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Do your points carry over to Celebrity? I know when RCCL took over Celebrity they made me a Diamond and I really want to try RCCL. I was going to go to Bermuda out of Baltimore on the Enchantment but when I found out my husband could not go and I was going with my friend I was told she could not go to the cocktail event each night and I didn't want that. Not sure if RCCL does the private breakfast for Diamond but I really like going to the breakfast on Celebrity everyday. Love those cappucinos ! Some people up in the Elite Event had so many versions of what you can and can't do on RCCL if you bring a guest. Some said Diamond only are allowed wine and beer, some said they did take a guest with them and others were saying their guest only paid for their drinks on the first night. Seems like a lot of confusion. I wanted my friend to enjoy being up in the Revalations Lounge each night before dinner, it was very nice. I thinking RCCL must be more lively than Celebrity. I would think the food would be the same. I will get onboard one day soon :OD
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