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I think the JS is the best option if you want to build points and not blow a budget on what RCI considers a 'full' suite. Sure, you don't get the suite amenities but the double points is nice as is the extra room. We're getting $250 off our balcony cabin on the Serenade cruise as the D+ discount, so that is a nice member amenity. I'm happy in a balcony cabin too. No more insides though! Too confining.

They are going to move D+ members out of the concierge lounge anyway, so I'll be seeing you in the Diamond Lounge down the road. We went to the Diamond Lounge on Oasis one night and enjoyed it. Had the same snacks and bar set up as the Concierge Lounge, great service, and the Diamond Concierge was much more friendly than our Suite Concierge. We came in and sat down and she came over and introduced herself and asked 'where have you been?' in a joking manner. Very nice lady.
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