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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Same story for Mobile, Alabama. Built a nice terminal based on assurances from Carnival, and then they left with almost no notice and we were left holding the tab for it. The city even installed a new, larger gangway when Carnival moved the Holiday out and brought the Elation into Mobile - larger ship surely meant Carnival was here to stay, right? Wrong.

Norfolk is a great port. It is indeed a shame.
2 great ports I agree. However there must be some business reason that Carnival Pulls out. Not filling the ships is a perfect reason. So being a Quality Manager I have to ask the 5 whys. Why 1: Why did Carnival pull out - Not filling ships. Why not filling (2) Bad press and reduction in business. So why these ports are not others (3) Must be something about the ports that don't attract cruisers Not being familiar with the ports themsleves I can't get to Why 4 and 5. But if they could be answered then the port authority might have something to go on. Any thoughts on what the next 2 whys would be? It is quite likely that the ports have done some analysis like this and know what to do. But does it make economic sence for them is their question. Hope things turn around for Norfolk and Mobile
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