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Hello, I'm brand new to cruises. My fiance and I have decided to do our first cruise and honeymoon to Alaska. Now I'm trying to figure out the details and what not. Looked around this board and a few others, but I'd like some direct advice from people who are familiar with this industry and who have experience.

First, our wedding is September 1st, 2010. Second, my aunt referred me to for cheap cruises, so that is what I'm basing prices from (if you know anything else or cheaper, please let me know!).

So searching the cruises, there are a few within our time frame. We don't mind staying in Seattle a few days because we might want to possibly move there in a few years. Seattle also works for us because it is cheap to fly. So any cruise from the 3-5th will work and there are quite a few.

I looked up all the cruise lines and ships that we could go on. I read what people recommend (seeing Glacier Park seemed to be the overall best suggestion) and narrowed it down to Princess - Golden Princess and Norwegian - Norwegian Pearl. Both of these are "inside Alaska" cruises and visit Glacier Park. They also have identical itinerary except for the docking times.

This being our first cruise, I would like our experience on the ship to be the best it can be. I'm 28 and she is 24. We are laid back people who enjoy nature. We aren't really partiers and don't really care about any type of night life. But we would still like to be entertained a decent amount and not get bored on the ship.

Also, our budget is fairly limited. We'll have roughly $2-3k total for everything. We would really like a balcony, but probably won't be able to afford it.

I called Morris travel agency to see what kind of deal they would have, but they seemed to be much more expensive than the website. She also said that the Holland America - Oosterdam is a step up compared to the other two. But looking at the plan for that cruise, it isn't "inside Alaska" and that is a letdown. It also seems to focused on seniors and we could get bored easily.

With all that said, I'm open for any advice people can give me. Anything will help as I'm a complete newbie to this. Thank you for your time reading this and any response you can give.