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MSC is an Italian style cruise line. They do have some very attractive pricing. I went on a 3-night cruise on MSC Poesia in 2010 specifically to try them out myself after seeing so many reviews saying the food and service were really bad. My cruise was to Key West and Bahamas and only three nights. The ship was beautiful. They do repeat announcements in several languages. I didn't feel the food was bad, but it was very different. Beef just never tasted quite right to me and was very over cooked. They use a lot of heavy sauces on a lot of things. I also wouldn't say the service was bad, but you did have to ask a lot for things. I felt more that it was an "Unobtrusive attitude", they just left you alone and if you wanted something then ask and they'll bring it. The shows I saw were all Cirque du soleil and aerobatics type of shows. No singing. I thought it was a bit strange, but concluded it may be because they have so many different languages on board.

Since my MSC cruise was only a three night in the Bahamas and Key West I'm sure a European cruise will be very different. I think you will have a lot of Europeans since that is who they market a lot to. I have heard in Europe they charge for some things that are included on American cruises, like coffee after hours. Of course, things may have changed. I think if you go knowing things will be different then you'll be ok.

Keep an eye on Viking Cruises. Viking River Cruises is coming out with an "Ocean" ship, the "Viking Star" in 2015. It will be all-inclusive, only 928 guests, all verandah staterooms 270-1,163 sq ft . Right now they have three very nice itineraries for 2015. They are: 15-day Viking Homelands from Stockholm to Bergen with an overnight in St Petersburg; 10-day Empires of the Mediterranean from Venice to Istanbul; and 13-day Mediterranean Odyssey from Barcelona to Venice. These cruises are very port intensive. These itineraries already have categories sold out for 2015.
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