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Default Overselling a Cruise Ship
Hi everyone.

I know this is probably a regular occurrence, but I had a first time occurrence the other day about 2 days before I was to set sail, which I almost took, but declined. I got a call from the inventory, saying they were slightly oversold, and were looking for people to move to the July 14th cruise or later on the Golden Princess. I had an inside room, and they were offering me a balcony, and $500 refundable onboard credit. I declined, like I said, as I had already put in for the time off, etc. This was the Friday night before I had to leave. I'm still wondering what made them call me, as I'm in New Jersey, and had to fly to Seattle. The only thing I can think of was that I booked my air through Princess, and had I accepted that offer, they would rebook my flights at no additional cost to me.

I guess it's really two questions. The first, why did they call me, when they know I have to fly all the way across the country, and 2, is this something that happens on a regular basis, similar to what happens on flights when they're oversold?
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