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You guys are right about parents not supervising their children. On the Allure last month, my 10 year-old daughter played with another little girl, who was probably 8 years old, all week long and we never ever saw an adult with her. We kept watching and watching and it became a bit of a game for us, but we never saw her with any adult. It was actually quite disturbing.

I think I may start pointing out violators to the pool attendants as well. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but I just seem to have a problem with people who have no regard for how their selfish actions affect others. It seems to me that if everyone in life would simple stop and consider what would happen if everyone acted the way they did, then there would be fewer rude people out there. Nothing is worse than folks in the buffet line taking at least 30 seconds to dish every single item, taking over 5 minutes to dish one plate. I always stand there, impatiently doing the math in my head and get ticked. I guess that is my problem.

Oh well,


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