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Yes, the buffet speedbumps. And they also act annoyed if, while they are standing there leisurely scooping fried rice, someone goes past them to get something further down the line because the are tired of being held up. It's as if the entire buffet is being held hostage by the speedbump and nobody else can use it until they are done evaluating each food choice and have side-stepped all the way to the end of the steam table.

I always do a walk-thru of all the buffet stations, figure out what I want, and then get my plate. It's funny how people don't realize the ship has the same items at more than one station, and I'm talking the last day of the cruise and they still are not clued in. So they go through a buffet station and see fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, etc., and sliced to order pork roast. They go to the station right next to it and see the same things and complain about the lack of variety (I'm talking about the Windjammer layouts in the back by the main seating area).
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