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Originally Posted by wooddon View Post
Still on Formal night everyone should at least dress up in a suit and tie. We hate this new thing that you can dress down now. This is why they call it FORMAL night, to get dress up. I know its a vacation, but you know about this and if you don't want to dress up, then just go to the buffet these formal night. They must start to enforce these rules again. We have writen to the company and they say that men must wear at least a jacket to formal night.
Not to argue your opinion but I realize that many people like dressing up and why it bothers those people so much is a mystery to me since they can still dress a formally as they wish and enjoy themselves doing so. The few that don't care to lug along the extra clothing can't really be a bother to the others that do dress. Once seated by themselves, they're not even noticeable. I believe the food is always better in the dining room especially since Princess encourages everyone to eat in the dining room dressed formally or not.
-I believe their motto is" Escape Completely".
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