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The Junior Suite category is not included in the suite amenities program on any RCI ship, and not just the Grandeur. It is simply their policy. The JS category also doesn't require a double deposit like the Grand Suite and higher categories, and the JS is priced quite less than the GS and higher categories most of the time. The JS category is charged tips at the standard cabin rate, and not the higher suite gratuity rate. So, that is why.

As an aside, I do wish they dropped the "Junior Suite" name if they aren't going to give it suite perks. It is indeed confusing, as in your case. Call it a "Super Deluxe Balcony Cabin" or something, but drop the word 'suite'.

However, those in a JS do get double cruise points, just like those in the 'real' suites, and so the JS cabins are highly sought after by Crown & Anchor members wanting to climb the membership ladder.
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