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Hi Jack2007
You will be docked in the Royal Naval Dockyard, so that means you can just step off the ship and walk to a lot of activities. The Ferry is right there in front of the Ship. I did not feel the crowd of the Breakaway. I did only book from the Ship, which was just a transfer to Horse Shoe Bay and the Street Festival you mention that takes place on Weds nights. You could do that one easy by just taking the Ferry to Hamilton, no real need to do that from the ship. I have been there 5 times so I did not book many excursions. Snorkel Park is just a 5 min walk from the ship so I wouldn't book an excursion to that either, just go over and pay $5 to enter and than you can pay for a chair or umbrella etc. The information office is right in front of the ship if you wish to purchase a Ferry & Bus pass. You will enjoy the Summit and if you like to have fun at dinner I would suggest going to Qzine. I have done that 3 times on Celebrity and always love it! I am going back on Sept 29th but this time on the Breakaway ! Snorkel Park also does a night time party with entertainment, I will do this next time sounds like fun. I hope this is helpful to you but please ask me anything I may have left out. I have done a lot of excursions in the past and this next time I will do the Wildcat boat trip around the entire Island with a nice stop in St George for walking around and shopping etc. Sandy you are right about complainers, never did understand them LOL Oh, I almost forgot, I did swim in the pool I think the one that is heated in the one that is indoors. I only used the one outside, it was wonderful and so was the hot tub !!
Have a most waonderful time ! I love the Summit and have been on her 2 times.
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Cruise Countdown Tickers

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