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Regarding Pink's previous post we also like the Rome Airport Hilton...but only when we have a following day morning flight. The nice thing about that Hilton is that it is connected to the airport terminal buildings via a covered overpass. However, there is no way we would ever consider staying in that Hilton if we to be in Rome for more then 1 night. It is just too darn inconvenient to get into Rome (we are talking about more then 30 min each way) and becomes even more inconvenient if one wants to enjoy a late dinner in Rome. As to Rome hotels, we have no favorite but do like to find hotels convenient to the metro. Keep in mind that getting from Rome to the airport (FCO) is very easy if you can get to the main Termini train station where the Leonardo Express (runs every 30 min) will take you directly inside the terminal building. One warning about FCO. Most US bound flights now require a check-inn at Terminal 5...which is not connected to the other terminal buildings. This means you have to take a free shuttle bus from outside the other main terminals over to Terminal 5 to check-in for your flight and then you are later shuttled back to one of the main terminals so you can get to the proper gate. The intent of FCO was to reduce the congestion at the check-in counters in the main terminals and better enforce US security requirements , but this back and forth to Terminal 5 is a royal pain and adds to the time necessary to check-in for your flight.

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