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Talking Done with cruise reviews
I was checking out the reviews on the ship we're about to take (which I always do) and couldn't believe what past cruisers were complaining about. I realize that those who have an axe to grind are more likely to submit a review than those who had a great time, but the nitpicking has finally got to me. Complaining that the glass elevator didn't make a loud enough signal to let you know it was there? Really? The pools were too crowded? Is any resort pool or beach any different? The food seemed prepared for the masses. Well - duh! And on and on they go. Spewing negative things. I wonder if these same people complain as much after other types of vacations - probably.
Anyway - my wife and I have been on a dozen cruises on many different lines and sure, we've had a few issues - but nothing that would deter us from cruising again or things we haven't experienced doing other things. If it were so bad, why do so many of us keep cruising? The thing we like about cruising is it is what you make it to be. We choose to make it fun. To all of you 'half empty' types - we won't miss you - or your whining.

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