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It starts out with the media and a large portion of the public that don't cruise, not understanding policies and procedures. Royal Caribbean cruise lines has the same problem that Carnival cruise lines has. That is; that their parent company name is the same as one of the cruise lines it owns, so that cruise line gets blamed whenever something happens to a sister company. The parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCCL) trades under NYSE as (RCL). Royal Caribbean International (RCI) is actually the proper name of the cruise line itself. Formerly, it was known as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Parent company RCCL owns RCI, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara, Pullmantur (the European company that is taking all our beautiful old RCI ships), and they also own a couple other foreign cruise lines. Sorry to get longwinded there. Alas; that is where all the media will say it was a Royal Caribbean ship, when it was actually Azamara. Not distinguishing it was a parent company owned ship!

Now for the story. I'm not sure we're really getting all the facts. It seems like the cruise line followed all normal procedures. It says the wife wasn't allowed in the hospital but yet she says the hospital was dirty. How does she know if she wasn't allowed inside?

I travel by myself sometimes too. I think the best thing we can do is have good travel insurance. Most people probably won't do it, but research and write down addresses and numbers of the American Embassies/Consulate in the country you are traveling. I wonder how many people know that on Page 6 of a US Passport #3 talks about Health Insurance and states Medicare/Medicaid doesn't cover health costs outside the USA. It gives advise to look at a medical brochure on Welcome to Travel.State.Gov
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