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I think it would be smart for Carnival and Royal Caribbean to change their corporate names.

Lots of hyperbole in this story (surprise!) and from the various reports you'd think the man and his wife were tossed on a flatbed truck and carted off to POW camp infirmary. No doubt Jay Rockefeller (trust fund baby) couldn't believe his good fortune when he read about it.

I was also left wondering why an 89 year old couple would be by themselves on a cruise in the Med, visiting less familiar ports which Azamara likes to do. All I can say is, I wouldn't do it unless I had our son or someone else younger with us, just in case something happened that needed some intervention. "The hospital was filthy"...gratuitous comment that is purely subjective, and perhaps applies U.S. sanitary standards to a hospital in a country that is just barely not in the 'third world' category. What did they think they'd see? The Mayo Clinic?

I know I am not sounding sympathetic because, well, I'm not. The couple did not adequately protect themselves prior to the cruise by having adequate insurance (i.e., not the cruise line's coverage).
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