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I completely agree with you...when I am on a cruise, no matter what is happening around me, everything just seems right with the world. Why....BECAUSE I AM ON A CRUISE!!!

For what it costs per day on any of the major cruise lines, you couldn't find a hotel room and eat at quality restaurants and pay for entertainment. Throw in the fact that you are on a floating resort with great amenities, not to mention the view....well, you get the point. Oh yeah, and the free travel to exotic ports of call. Did I forget to mention the 24-hour room service? All the free coffee, tea and juice that you can drink? Free exercise facilities, most of which have an awesome view? Bags delivered and picked up at your door? A personal stateroom attendant who will take care of most of your needs?

I just laugh at some of the stupid comments I hear while on the ship from people who obviously are never happy with anything in life. The fact is, they are simply getting what they deserve (a bad time)!

I still read the reviews just so I can have a good laugh and think about how much I will enjoy my next cruise!

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