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Just curious...what exactly do you mean by "More active cruiseline assistance during any medical crises for needed and necessary Humanitarian Aid."?

When a ship has thousands of passengers, the odds that someone will need significant medical assistance are actually pretty good. Are you referring to the ship waiting a few extra days in port for someone to get out of the hospital? Or perhaps paying for the medical care of the displaced passenger? I really think you should clarify what you meant here.

The cruise lines responsibility should include calling for emergency medical care when needed and notifying an emergency contact and local authorities when a passenger doesn't return to the ship while in port. What is the cruise line to do if they are in a port that lacks adequate hospital facilities? The prudent thing to do is to transport the patient to the nearest facility to be evaluated, at which time a decision can be made as to the best course of action. The spouse was complaining that Royal Caribbean expected her to file a claim before authorizing to pay to transport her husband to the hospital in Instanbul...So what? That is standard practice here in the U.S. as well. You usually have to get permission from your insurance company to be transferred.

So, I am seriously interested in what should have been done differently in this case. Remember, there are two sides to this story. Royal Caribbean says that they did help after the ship left port, so please clarify for us where they went wrong.

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