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Hi Sandy.....thought I'd also add the following.

If you decide to go for a meal when on the island of Burano, I've heard restaurant Galuppi is best avoided...I believe it's on the main street.

When you go to eat in Venice always make sure you see a menu with the prices shown before you order.Some places are really expensive like Harrys Bar.

Gondola rides are not cheap and I think the price increases in the evening.I seem to remember that by law they should have the prices and how long the ride will be, displayed but some might try to charge a higher price so be careful.
If you find the price of a ride in a gondola is too expensive then you might be interested to know the cheap way of taking a gondola ride.There are 7 crossings on the Grand canal where you can get a Traghetto.These are like ferries that take you from one side to the other for about 1 euro. They are old gondolas rowed by two oarsmen one normally standing at the back and can take up to 12 people.

I've never taken a gondola ride when I've been there but I can understand why it's so important for some people.