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The first ship I ever sailed on is the Carnival Fascination, and I have sailed on it 3 times in total. My second trip was a re-scheduled cruise after Hurricane Wilma. I was originally booked on the Imagination, but the original 5 day cruise turned into a 3 day cruise, and I could not get a flight to connect with it, so I had to cancel, and my travel agent was able to get me on the Fascination that left 2 days later. The 3rd trip was after the Carnival Fascination received the full Evolutions of Fun upgrade with added balconies. After that modification I had to go back and try it out, especially since it changed ports and itineraries.

The Fascination (as it was then called) was 9 and 10 years old and was showing its age. The Carnival Fascination looked like a brand new ship when I was on it! I even gave it an affectionate rub on the hull and said "Hello old friend" when I boarded it the 3rd time.

I have sailed on almost every class of Carnival Ship - If you consider the Destiny/Sunshine to be a separate class - Holiday, FantasyX4, TriumphX2, ConquestX1, SpiritX1, DreamX1. The Carnival Victory used to be my favorite because I loved the decor - the whole ship had a nice green and copper finish, but the Carnival Legend is now my favorite. That being said I still have a special fondness for the Carnival Fascination.

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