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Smile Back from the Norwegian Breakaway!
Back from the Big Apple and the Norwegian Breakaway! Well, this was the largest ship we have ever been on. Getting on and off was a breeze. It never felt crowed anywhere on the ship but we did ask how many were on board and there were only 2,500 pax. Our Cabin Steward said in the summer when it is full there is no room at the pool. The 2 pools were not very large really. The water slides looked like a blast and people were walking the Plank, I didnít try that either! The ship was beautiful. The food onboard was somewhat inconsistent. You would have a great meal and next time meat would be so dry I would leave it. We did try Moderno Churrascaria the Brazilian restaurant and I loved it. We also did Teppanyaki, always fun and great food. We went to Cirque Dreams and Dinner Jungle Fantasy, $39.99 each with a set menu. The show was fantastic but the dinner was not good. They served a fillet with 2 coconut shrimp and my fillet was so over cooked. Iím guessing because it is a dinner show they didnít ask anyone how they like their steak cooked. The tables are so crowed in that restaurant and it is quite dark. We went to Rock of Ages show, it was very good. They have a family friendly show at 7 and the adult version at 9:30 PM. We also went to Burn the Floor, loved that show too. We mostly went to OíSheehanís for breakfast, service was so hit and miss, our orders were quite often wrong and we just gave up asking for what was missing or telling them we didnít order what they brought to us. They were not busy so I am not sure what was wrong. We did also eat lunch and dinner in Savor & Taste the Main Restaurants. It was good I canít say wonderful. The Manhattan room is really nice, they play music and people dance so it is like a supper club. Sometimes the meat was again so over cooked. Our balcony cabin was nice and lots of storage. The bathroom was also a nice size and I love the rounded glass shower door, who needs a shower curtain sticking to you. I thought maybe my cabin steward was overwhelmed but they only have a little more than half of the ships capacity. Something was always missing, you are about to take a shower and find no face cloths, twice that happened. One night no bath towels. No ice after coming in from an excursion and wanting a glass of ice water, that was 3 times. He would leave his dirty cleaning cloth in our wine bucket. He was as nice as he could be, so I donít know what the problem was. I have to laugh now but twice we went to leave our cabin and his cart was blocking our door and we couldnít get out! I didnít like calling for anything because quite often I would get a recording saying my attendant was busy helping someone else and to try back laterÖ.well after trying 5 times one afternoon I just give up. Now the balcony is another story BillyBuzzy you are correct is was so small you are not eating breakfast of lunch out on your balcony. The chairs are hitting the sliding glass door and your knees will be touching the glass railing, I read where the CEO Kevin OíSheehan said they decided to use the space elsewhere because they felt people didnít really use their balconies that much. I donít know if that is true but we do. The crew was very friendly and helpful. I thing we just felt that service and food was not consistent. We did have a very nice time and who doesnít love Bermuda, I could just float in Horseshoe Bay the entire day!!
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