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Default Back from cruise..
Thanks for everyone's recommendations! We are back (boo!) and enjoyed all ports except for Nassau. My wife, unfortunately, got food poisoning from Wendy's the day before we left and was very sick until two hours before time to leave for airport. The doctor felt sure it was food poisoning and said if she could get through the flight she would be feeling better on Sunday which is the day we were in Nassau. Of course, we had to lie about the throwing up question and would not have done so if we felt at all like she had something contagious. We boarded the ship and she stayed in bed until Muster drill and started feeling quite a bit better that evening but still was a little drained on Sunday in Nassau so we shopped for one hour and boarded back on ship for relaxing. The rest of the trip was wonderful. Loved San Juan, walked around the wall and forts a bit, shopped and ate at Barra China's (spelling?) for some great grouper bites and a great Pina Colada. Went to Megan's Beach in St. Thomas and this has become our favorite port. My wife literally cried when viewing the scenery from Drake's Seat. Loved the beach as well. Grand Turk we just hung out a beach and pool for a while and then boarded ship for a relaxing time on our deck overlooking beautiful scenery. All in all a very nice trip!! Just as an end note we have cruised on Carnival 7 out of 8 cruises and after this trip we are switching cruise lines. We had a lovely time, but we can definitely tell that their service and entertainment has gone down just a little bit every year and is now down to a little below our standards of what we expect. We have never cruised Royal so we are thinking of trying them for our next cruise or going on another NCL. If we had young children to take with us we would definitely try Disney. Their ships looked fabulous. Maybe when we have grand kids!
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