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We like the freestyle cruising, so given that, would you still recommend Royal over NCL? We don't want a set time for dinner, we want to go when we want and that's what we choose on Carnival. Other than dinner time does the free style really affect anything else? We want good food and quality shows. Our first cruise was on NCL and we have always thought their food was better than Carnival, but of course, we don't know how it is now some 10 years later. I think the shows on Carnival have been better than the NCL that we were on, but then again that was 10 years ago so it's hard to really remember the shows. We LOVE the Punchliner Comedy Club on Carnival. Does any of the other lines have comedy? We are late people and I do remember NCL also having better food choices late in the night or I guess I should say early in the morning. Speaking of late nights, can anyone tell me why they shut the hot tubs down so early? We would love to go on a cruise line whereby we could get in the hot tub at midnight and relax before going to bed. We understand you have to shock them, etc., but couldn't they do that on a rotation basis? IDK, I guess Carnival, especially for the price, is still a great line to choose, but I guess we just want to try something different and really don't know which one we should try. We also like more of the older style decor. I don't know what you would call it, but for example, we think the mural on the wall in the atrium on the Carnival Conquest was so much nicer than the Dream's atrium wall. We did not care for the modern look if that's what you would call it. So any suggestions in that area? I know that doesn't really make or break your trip, but ambiance is very big with my wife and as the jeweler said in St. Thomas, happy wife, happy life. LOL!! We are also tossing around the idea of an all inclusive in St. Thomas. We've never done that and I'm not sure when you compare pricing, that we will. Thanks and we appreciate all comments!!
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