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Arriving in St. Kitts aboard Brilliance. Beautiful warm sunny day today!! Seas have been a little choppy, making you seem to have been into the two bottles of wine every five minutes, but t's a good wobble walk! Wonderful cabin a GS is, but in reality, two things stand out right away. 1) It's really just a little bit larger than a JS, although very nice, and 2) There are way too few electrical outlets in the cabin. All of the electronics (TV/DVD/Stereo/etc) uses all except the ones on the dressing table. Nothing in the bathroom, nothing at the "bar", by the bed night stands. Plug in the coffee maker or the hair dryer, and you're done. My friends, also on with us, uses a C-Pap breathing machine when he sleeps, and we had to remember to bring a 12 foot extension cord, just in case, and just in case showed up. Other than that, no negatives at all-food is amazing, crew is very helpful and ALWAYS smiling, entertainment is 1st class. C&A area is now in two location, Deck #6 near the shops, and also one near the Schooner bar area. They have a sign up book, and so far, almost every time slot for the next week is full!! Glad I got our name on this afternoon to book our transatlantic on Liberty!!
More to come as the cruise progresses! BTW, one week is NOW not enough-love this concept of back-to-back or two week cruises!! Don't feel like I have to start packing up already!!

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