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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The Oosterdam is much newer than Statendam and therefore has more to offer as far as the ship goes. But then in Alaska is isn't about the ship and since Statendam is smaller it may offer a better cruise since there will be fewer passengers aboard. But bear in mind Statendam is 22 years old and Oosterdam is only 10 years old. Even with refurbishments some things on the older ship will be dated.
thanks dave!

I think we narrowed it down to the NCL pearl and HAL Oosterdam.

it seems as both have pros and cons for what we are looking for. we are fairly young (25) although we enjoy activities, bingo, name that tune, etc. We also loved the shows we saw on RCI. Oosterdam seems like a nicer ship for what we want than the Statendam. But not sure if the Pearl is the ship for us. (We did the NCL sky and it was a bunch of drunk college kids, it was definitely not for us! also the entertainment was mediocre at best.) just nervous about doing NCL again.

Pearl- r/t seattle cheaper airfare. more entertainment on ship.

OOsterdam- more expensive airfare. views of Vancouver and Anchorage sailing through those passages.

not sure which to book!
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