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Interesting that they may go to curtains on all RCI ships. I forget which one of my RCI cruises had the doors. I think it was the Freedom, but I'm not sure. I know it definitely wasn't the Majesty, so either the Enchantment or the Freedom. Seems like doors would make more sense to me also.

I also had the problem with the curtain of a little water on the bathroom floor after I showered, but nothing like you experienced. I'm trying to remember if there were drains on the bathroom floor for that very reason, but can't remember off hand.

I thought Royal did give you one bag (plastic) to put stuff in to take ashore. I know I had one, and put a towel, and some other things in there. I know all cruise lines are different, but the lines I've been on (Royal Caribbean and Princess) did not provide umbrellas or binoculars, like you stated.

I also don't have any cruises planned in the near future. Guess I'll have to start saving so I can plan one, maybe for 2015. I found out today we may have a long term project at work I'm going to be a part of, so if that's the case, I probably can't take any vacation until that's done.
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