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Talking RCI Visa Card
Just went on the redemption site for the RCI Visa card to purchase an onboard credit for our next cruise, and found that they have increased and added many options for Amaraza, Celebrity and RCI. They now have a $500 onboard credit which can be bought for your up-coming sailing. My only suggestion to everyone is to PRINT out the email they send to you after your purchase and KEEP it with your next cruise papers to take with you onboard the ship. Our last cruise, I had purchased two $250.00 credits, but the ship could only find one. It took a visit to the service desk, about 1/2 hour of his time playing on his computer to not be able to find the credit. I showed him both print-outs, of which he made copies, and faxed them both to Miami. By bedtime, he had sent me a voice mail to our cabin that they had indeed found the second one, and the next day it showed on the on-screen TV passanger charges on our cabin. The problem had been that I bought one right after booking the cruise in 2012, and the second in May on 2013, and they had to back search a bit to find the purchase. My wife thinks I'm crazy printing out so many things related to the cruises we enjoy, but on this one, she admitted I was "probably" correct(grudgingly).
Sorry guys if this is in the wrong section-I wasn't sure where to post this

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