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Thumbs down Troubles in Nassau??
HavingI lived in the Bahama Islands and traveled there many times over the last 40 years I have observed 2 incidents in December 2013 worthy of note within 500 yards of Cable Beach which occurred within 5 minutes of each other only yards apart!!

The first, a passenger hopped off the #12 Jitney and casually walked away without paying totally ignoring the drivers and passengers calls to pay his $1.25 fare. Not bad you say...well he calmly showed his knife as he walked away ( Understandably,no one went after him) No sooner had he sauntered boldly off 15 feet and new pickup trick slammed into a palm tree next to the jitney, the drive hopped out and took off faster than a champion racehorse...he had stolen the van...stopping only to pick up the pistol which fell out of his pocket as he jogged by with a smile and a wave!!

In the past I have observed a greater police presences ....not so this trip!!! I hope this is not a sign of things to come...Cable Beach area is next to the new Bahia Mar under construction and considered quite safe!!
I would not consider being in the area of Arawak Cay after dark appears to be getting rough!!


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