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Default Back from Oasis of the Seas
Hello everyone,

I just returned from my 7 day cruise aboard the Oasis of the Seas, I wanted to let everyone know how my time on board was.


Arriving in Port Everglades, I expected the wait time and everything to be kinda long, with the amount of people traveling aboard this ship. I must say, this was one of the best and fastest check ins that I ever experienced on board any ship. I was on the ship in under 30 minutes. The Oasis wowed me the moment we pulled up to get on the ship. The ship, is truly beautiful to me, decorated so beautifully for the holiday season. The size of the ship in pictures does it no justice, until you are up on this ship. My stateroom was really beautiful, I had a balcony view, overlooking the ocean. The service and attendants were truly excellent, my room steward, was so nice and friendly, along with my waiter at dinner. They definitely deserved the extra tip I gave them at the end of the cruise. The Broadway show hairspray was also EXCELLENT, it was one of the best shows aboard the ship.


The food aboard the ship was average, I think the best dish I had was the roasted garlic soup, it was truly delicious. The deserts were also very good as well. Sorento's has stepped up their game since the last time I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, it was really good this time. One thing that kinda stood out to me, was the reservations that had to be made to go into the shows. The have you make reservations, but when you go to the show, they weren't checking to see if you had a reservation or not, they were just letting everyone in, and at times it became a hassle to get a seat. The cruise director Jimmy Rhodes, could've been a little better than what he was. This was the first cruise, were nobody came over the PA system, to tell you what was going on around the ship or anything. Although they did provide you with a cruise compass, the same as Carnival, but the cruise director on their ship came over the PA system as well as the Captain, to update you on activities and weather, neither of them did that on this particular cruise, so I was a little shocked by that, but no biggie. Activities were kinda limited on this cruise, it really wasn't much to do. I remember my last Carnival cruise, it was trivia everyday, bingo, some form of activity taking place, they only did bingo 1 time on this ship. The cruise director, you also saw very little of, he didn't update you on anything, and a lot of the shows, he wasn't even present. The islands were, Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica and Cozumel. I did excursions at Falmouth and Cozumel. I been to Cozumel before, but never did an excursion, it was an overview of the Island, very nice. Falmouth was just okay, not a favorite, along with Haiti. Overall I give this cruise a B+, I was very relaxed and got a lot of rest. I just think next time, I may go back to Carnival, but I definitely will be back to RCL as well.

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