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Nadine....We have observed whale activity in Feb. 2011 not far from the Pacific entry point to the Canal and also in the Sea of Cortez near Cabo in Feb 2012. We are sailing to Hawaii in January and expect to be able to view the same on this Pacific Exploration. Perhaps We'll find the ever elusive "West Pole" (We are avid Anti-Arctic Explorers)...I think I saw it was a pole, sticking out of the ground somewhere in Maui with mileage signs posted upon it (Unfortunately I had been imbibing some of the deadly native brews and My memory is not clear...hence this expedition)!!! Have a wonderful Anniversary...if You observe the "West Pole" ...kindly post it on these pages...We may have made a major discovery of absolutely no consequence and thereby have snatched failure from the jaws of success!!!

Bon Voyage,

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