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Every so often the media likes to twist the blade they stuck in the back of the cruise industry.

Did the story mention that the cruise lines are required by law to report to the FBI and Coast Guard every allegation made by passengers, no matter how ludicrous? All the major lines now post crime statistics on their websites. They volunteered to do this last year. Here is an example from Royal Caribbean. Look down the page and you'll see the link.

I too also take the usual precautions while aboard. If I am going in the pool the only thing I carry with me is my cruise card, and leave the camera and other valuables in the cabin. Just last week I saw a nice digital camera sitting on a deck chair with someone's towel and flip flops. I guess they were in the pool or hot tub constantly monitoring their chair.

Then there are the parents who let their kids run amok, or their teenage daughters go clubbing by themselves. A lot can happen before the 1am curfew for teens takes effect, and only a fool thinks the perverts and ***ual predators never take cruises.
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