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Default Moderno salads?
Hi all! Quick q re: Moderno on Breakaway. I know the main focus is meat, and my husband is all about that but I'm not a huge meat person. Not a vegetarian, but just more a salad and fish kind of gal. I noticed it said there's a salad bar, but then I also saw allusions to prepared salads being on this bar. Is there a salad bar in terms of being able to assemble your own salad (lettuce, tomatoes, chick peas, dressing, mushrooms, onions, etc. *like a traditional American salad bar) or is it all like, tuna salad, noodle salad, etc?

Weird Q, I know, but if there's not a build-your-own option, I doubt it will be worth the upcharge for me to go, because my meat consumption will be negligible.


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